Dear ‘Soon To Be Newlyweds’

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How’s the wedding planning going?

Who knew in those heady, early days of engagement that there would be so much to plan and make perfect for your big day?

From the ceremony and reception venues, themes, wedding party outfits (including THAT dress), hair and makeup; to the guest list, cake, decorations, flowers, favours, entertainment, buying the rings, choosing the readings, booking the photographer…. (Take a breath…)

Just far too much to think about all at once…

And yet, then there’s the honeymoon. Without a doubt, it has to be the best holiday you’ve ever had, and ever likely will have. For your honeymoon you want the guarantee of a perfect destination, a place you can revisit in the future… if only in your fondest memories.

Your honeymoon getaway should become your ‘special place’ – the perfect holiday from start to finish, for you and your loved one – where your every desire is taken care of, minus the stress of daily life. It’s the place to find pure happiness and make memories you can both treasure forever

The perfect honeymoon: Getting it right

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You might be worried about the cost of finding somewhere so completely and utterly perfect, especially if you then find out that it’s not everything it’s cracked up to be.

Perhaps you know what you want in the perfect honeymoon package, but have no idea where could provide everything you’re looking for. More likely, you don’t even have the time to think about it – especially with so much to cater for in terms of planning the wedding.

How can you be sure of the choice you’ve made, when you’ve not had the time to shop around for honeymoon and get the best deal?

Choosing the wrong destination can really impact your memory of your ‘not so perfect’ honeymoon. Imagine planning such a special trip, only to arrive and it’s not exactly what you wanted, or worse off, nothing as initially described during consultation?

So how can you guarantee that level of complete perfection, that has everything that you both need in an ideal honeymoon, when you’ve never visited the place before?

Read on, because we have the perfect solution…

Imagine you have already been to a place, because that’s exactly what you get with Octopoda honeymoon packages. Why? Because we take the time to get to know you and find out exactly what will make your perfect, unique honeymoon destination. And we’ve been there and found out for ourselves. Here’s what to expect:

Your Wedding Is In Safe Hands

  • Flexibility – dates, destinations, itineraries for honeymoon packages all personalised to meet your exact requirements
  • Experienced team, who’ve been to the destination they are recommending
  • You’ll save time on searching for honeymoons
  • Your own personal consultant will guide you through at every stage
  • Every holiday is completely unique – with honeymoon bonus packages included
  • We’re easy to contact if you have any questions or concerns from the start to the finish of your honeymoon
  • Independent advice – with no allegiance to any particular company or destination
  • Experience of working with many travel companies, so we know the good and bad points about each destination and can ensure you get a good fit
  • We’ll trawl through all of the deals and options available to find the best one for you, saving you time and money

But this isn’t all about what makes us so good. It’s finding out all about you that’s so important to us.

  • After a month travelling round Australia, we can not thank Dan and the team at Octopoda for making our honeymoon a perfect once in a lifetime experience. Our trip was planned exactly how we wanted with no issues to the million changes we made, (Sorry Dan). The trip to the Great Barrier Reef and boat…

    Sian & Sam


  • I want to say thank you to Faye as I put out feelers to 6 or 7 Travel Counsellors and I am delighted I went with my instincts and chose her, it was for my engagement proposal for a Trip to Milan. I didn’t have to think about anything else from Airport lounges, transits to…


    Travel Consultation

  • We have just returned from our honeymoon all of which was expertly crafted by the team at Octopoda. We started in Hawaii before visiting Bora Bora and then flew into LA where we picked up our car, organised by the team, before driving to Las Vegas to finish our trip in the Wynn. The organisation…

    Dave & Becky


Here’s how it works

...and many more! We work alongside many well-known Tour Operators to be able to tailor make and offer you a fully ATOL protected package with all the best deals!

With Octopoda, you can be sure of the following:

  • A completely personalised holiday of a lifetime – one which is better than you might have ever imagined.
  • Dates, destinations, itineraries all personalised to meet your exact requirements.
  • Experience new cultures, food and places which can leave a lasting, life changing and positive impression on your life forever.
  • You’ll get a warm fuzzy feeling anytime someone mentions honeymoons and you think back to yours – at that point you’ll be able to proudly share your stories and photos with your family and friends.

Create your holiday by speaking in length to a real person. You’ll have one point of contact who you can go to for any questions, worries or concerns at any stage of the process. This person will take the time to learn all about you, find out what you like and what you are looking for, while trusting the likes of Tripadvisor and other review websites, because nothing beats word of mouth.

Your perfect honeymoon is in safe hands

Our TTA / ATOL Protected / 100% Financial Protection guaranteed honeymoon holidays are made easy and personalised especially for your bespoke needs and likes, because we know that it’s the personal touches which ‘wow’ the customer – and one size certainly doesn’t fit all.

Believe it or not, achieving that stress free level of perfection is a lot easier than you might think, too.

Let us make life easy

Visit our honeymoon packages page and fill out the form for a telephone consultation. A member of our friendly team will then call and book a 30-45 minute time slot with you.

During the consultation we will:

  • Identify if you have a specific location in mind
  • Identify where you’ve been, what you like and where you’d like to go
  • Discover your favourite hotels, favourite places, expected standard of hotel
  • Ask the date of the wedding, and dates of the honeymoon if known
  • Get to know you well
  • Ask about your likes, interests, dislikes, activities
  • Find out about any food, dietary requirements

After the consultation has finished, the sales agent prepares the ‘holiday proposal’ based on the consultation and then it’s down to you to decide if you wish to proceed with your dream honeymoon.

It’s a great opportunity to dismiss the worry of finding out your honeymoon is going to be memorable for all the wrong reasons. Be sure of your perfect honeymoon, created and booked especially for you, hassle free, with a point of contact dedicated to your needs at every step.

A honeymoon holiday that works for you

We have over 100 years combined experience in travel

Book our FREE ‘Dream Honeymoon Plan’ consultation today and obliterate the chance of coming home from your honeymoon disappointed.

There’s no risk when you book a free consultation and no obligation to buy, just the opportunity to have your very own travel expert find out more about you and help give you an idea of exactly what could make the perfect honeymoon package for you.

Some commonly asked questions

Find the perfect location and a sample itinerary with your FREE Honeymoon Consultation

  • Where can I go?
  • When can I go?
  • How much are you going to charge?
  • How long can we go for?

And the answer? It’s all down to you. Because this holiday is all about you, your loved one – and no one else.

We scour the four corners of the globe to find the perfect honeymoon package and this is only done after we’ve taken the time to get to know you and are 100% sure of exactly what it is you’re looking for (even down to the added extras).

6 reasons to book your FREE honeymoon consultation today!

  • Get a sample itinerary based on your personal honeymoon requirements
  • Benefit from the personal experience of your well-travelled consultant and network of other travellers
  • Everything will be carefully thought through and presented back to you with minimum time investment on your part
  • You’ll be surprised at the amazing opportunities that are out there
  • We’ll be there for you at every step of your journey, to ensure your complete happiness

Book your FREE ‘Dream Honeymoon Plan’ consultation today, take the stress of planning your honeymoon away and start looking forward to it instead!