“In the 1990’s, people began to realize that the word “collectible” need not be limited to things like comic books and movie posters. Anything that someone wanted could be considered a collectible, especially if a group of people (like kids, for instance) wanted it. And with this realization came the birth of the pog. These small discs were designed for use in a simple kid’s game, but they became a phenomenon when toy companies realized their potential as a collectible. The result was one of the biggest kid crazes of the 1990’s” – Courtesy of www.skooldays.com


Remember them? Well we’ve brought the pog kicking a screaming back into the 2000’s and going against the grain or things getting smaller, we’ve grown it in size. OK, you’re going to struggle to enjoy a game of pogs with this one but that’s not our intention. Our pog aka The OctoPog© has been introduced to help stamp our mark around the globe. When our clients make a trip, wherever that may be, the OctoPog© will join a selected to few to bask in the sunshine (or maybe cold) and have its picture taken.

Keep an eye out over the coming weeks for its adventures across the globe. In the meantime visit our new The OctoPog© page to see where it’s been so far………