Books by the Beach

You’ve made the flight, you’ve arrived at the hotel, grabbed the sun lotion and are now heading down to...

You’ve made the flight, you’ve arrived at the hotel, grabbed the sun lotion and are now heading down to the pool where the sun is blazing. The holiday has started! There’s just one thing you can add to this equation now and that is quite simply a good old book.

Over the coming weeks we’ll be focusing on some truly great reads for adults and children alike and ensuring, in between those runs to the bar (that’s the adults of course!) you will not only be able to shut off from the rigours of work with one of our package deals but drift in to a separate World of fact of fiction, whichever you choose.

To start the ‘ball’ rolling (you’ll see what we’ve done here soon!) we are going to recommend a book that is aimed at children between 7-13 (so ideal for those long-haul flights) but we guarantee adults will also find it hard to put down. The book….The Football Boy Wonder: The Charlie Fry Series


“Charlie Fry is football mad. He sleeps wearing his team’s full kit and dreams of scoring the winning goal in an FA Cup final. He plays football around the clock – at the park, on the way to school, at lunchtimes and even in his bedroom until his mum tells him off. But Charlie has a problem: he can’t run very far. He has plenty of skill but his poorly lungs stop him from sprinting. And as an 11-year-old planning to become the Golden Boot winner at the next World Cup, that’s a bit of an issue. Then one day a freak accident presents Charlie with a unique goal-scoring gift – it means he can’t miss.  But can Charlie convince his local team Hall Park to give him the chance and use his new found skill to deadly effect? Or will the nasty bullies from his school keep him stuck on the sidelines?”

The Football Boy Wonder is a story about friendship, loyalty, believing in yourself, and, of course, football. Some would say the perfect mix! A high recommendation from all the team at OctoTowers and one we certainly couldn’t put down. The great thing is that when you finally do there are two more books in the Charlie Fry series. The Demon Football Manager and The Magic Football Book. The perfect complement for any holiday but also those cold winter nights as a riveting bedtime story.

The Charlie Fry series is by the author Martin Smith. Martin is a husband, father, football fanatic, hiker, gamer, writer, a manny (one for the Friends’ fans) and a general all-rounder.


You can purchase all books in the Charlie Fry series by clicking here

Happy reading all!