Big Name of the Month Award

In association with @bearsfitness we are pleased to announce January’s ‘BIG NAME OF THE MONTH AWARD’ with the accolade going to Jade Vincent Leonard

Jade has been given the award by unanimous decision for her commitment, training ethic, attitude and for overall progress. Not only did she manage to obtain some great results in 4 weeks on our Antidote Package, not just loosing lbs and cm’s but increasing her overall fitness too, she now believes she can do this. Jade has previously tried to lose weight but didn’t find anything that was sustainable for her. Thank you for letting us share your journey.

Jade was awarded a certificate and a voucher for £50 off a holiday or break from us as a huge ‘Well Done’. This is what Jade said when we told her the good news:

“Wooooohoooooo! Thank you both! That has made my day! Honestly you two have been amazing! Pushing me and supporting me! Your both so lovely and down to earth! I never ever dreamt I could do PT training! It’s just not me. When I first started training with Bear I was so scared, low confidence and just hadn’t been myself for months this really was my last chance to try to get my head sorted and get the old me back (still got a way to go but you’ve both made me believe I can do this). I knew after that first session I didn’t need to be scared! So, thank you both so much!”

Think you are up for the February award? If so, or just to ‘get fit’ at your own pace, contact Kelly or Chris today or