Big Name of the Month Award March

The long awaited ‘Big Name of the Month for March’ was awarded to Clare Williams – Mumpreneur 🐙🐻

Clare was with the team @bearsfitness as a distant client, using their online personal training services.

Not only did she achieve some great results, 10lbs loss in weight and a total of 11cms but really applied herself to her nutrition and training, followed all our guidance and really was a shining star, as a client. She knows what to do moving forward to maintain her achievements 💪🏼💪🏼

Huge well done to Clare, the team awarded her a certificate along with one of our £50 travel vouchers 🏖✈️

If you are looking to take on a 4 week challenge like Clare and achieve some great results, get in touch with the team at Bears Fitness today

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