Books by the Beach

You’ve made the flight, you’ve arrived at the hotel, grabbed the sun lotion and are now heading down to the pool where the sun is blazing. The holiday has started! There’s just one thing you can add to this equation now and that is quite simply a good old book. Over the coming weeks we’ll […]

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Make a Difference…

Octofollowers, we once again need your help. In conjunction with friend of Octopoda, Jennifer, we are attempting to highlight the plight of someone special who needs all our help and that is Arjun and his family. Their home was badly damaged by an earthquake and Jennifer is raising money to build an earthquake resistant home […]

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Travel Insurance with Octopoda

With full cover available for individuals, couples, families or groups including single or annual trips, you can obtain travel insurance that protects you quickly and easily online, in minutes. Our easy online process means that it’s never been easier to buy a policy It only takes a few minutes to get a quote for single […]

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“In the 1990’s, people began to realize that the word “collectible” need not be limited to things like comic books and movie posters. Anything that someone wanted could be considered a collectible, especially if a group of people (like kids, for instance) wanted it. And with this realization came the birth of the pog. These […]

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